Life Drawing Bishkek

Life Drawing Bishkek is a series of weekly sessions of figure drawing, i.e. the practice of drawing nude models. Although figure drawing has long been part of various artistic traditions, Life Drawing Bishkek is a space not only for the improvement of artistic, drawing skills, yet more importantly it is a space for the celebration of all human bodies. It is a practice that removes nude bodies from the dominant, sexist and hyper-sexualised male gaze. It allows for unrealistic body ideals and expectations to be combatted. It is an environment that emphasises that each and every-body is worthy of representation and appreciation.

No prior drawing experience is required. The launching sessions are open to all women. The classes are free, yet donations are welcomed and will go towards rent and the funding of materials.
There will be chill music, wine and snacks provided.
Basic materials will also be available but if you have your own, or if you would like to experiment with different media, we warmly invite you to bring materials yourselves.

Project leader: Alva Guzzini with the collaboration of Ayjibek Kimsanova
In Partnership with: Moloko Fotostudio and BFI (Bishkek Feminist Initiatives)

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