“Kormilitsa”. Economic freedom. Woman.

Entry deadline is 20th of October 2019

Bishkek Feminist Initiatives invites international submissions of contemporary art for a curated group exhibition to be held at the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, from 27 November to 15 December 2019. The exhibition is dedicated to 17 female migrants killed in Moscow warehouse fire three year ago. The exhibition will be open to the public symbolically for 17 days.

The Feminnale of Contemporary Art is the Biennale of Feminism (yes, almost like the triumph of feminism). It gathers feminist artists, whose works expose social wounds that prevent societies from reaching the reality, in which equality prevails over violence. The 2019 Feminnale explores the topics of women’s economic freedom. The word Kormilitsa means both a female breadwinner and a provider in Russian. Thus, who is really that kormilitsa? A woman with milk in the ducts of her breasts? A woman who is responsible for cooking for family members (according to the assumptions of the patriarchal society)? A woman who leaves for labor migration to provide financially for a family? How much of economic freedom does this woman have?

The Feminnale welcomes audio-visual works of any medium by artists of any gender identity and from any country. All works that create an environment, affecting all channels of perception – smell, hearing, tactility and vision – are welcome. The Feminnale will be held every two years in an established and/or an alternative, uninhabited space, again in any country. In addition to the exhibition of artworks, it will include several workshops and interventions aimed at increasing participation of communities in the processes of empowering and helping advance the status of women.
Submissions of applications will be accepted until 20 October, 2019. The first Feminnale will be held in Bishkek. Travel and accommodation costs for participating artists are not covered, yet Feminnale is disposed to help provide funding in exceptional cases. Fill out a short application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZR29AriYp_JvpizR46lPlsjnlPZyueuDQXJcgjTqvCc

The Feminnale is to be curated by Altyn Kapalova and Janna Araeva: feminnale2019@gmail.com

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